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Northern Oklahoma College, the State’s oldest community college, is a multi-campus, land-grant institution that provides high quality, accessible, and affordable educational opportunities and services which create life-changing experiences and develop students as effective learners and leaders within their communities in a connected, ever-changing world.
Northern Oklahoma College will be recognized as a model institution and leader in academic quality and cultural enrichment, promoting student success, collaborative learning, creative and forward thinking, and community responsiveness.
  • Personalized Education:

We believe in providing individualized services that lead our students to achieving their academic goals in a welcoming and safe environment.

We believe in providing support to students in and out of the classroom so that they receive a full college experience with diverse opportunities.

  •  Community and Civic Engagement:

We believe that educated citizens are necessary for a healthy, democratic society, and that free and open expression and an appreciation for diversity are cornerstones of higher education.

We believe in economic and environmental sustainability and the importance of enriching the intellectual, artistic, economic, and social resources of our communities.

  •  Continuous Improvement:

We believe in the inherent value of intellectual pursuit for both personal and professional growth, as well as in the need to prepare students for 21st century professions.

We believe that a knowledge-centered institution is vital to a knowledge-based economy, and we measure our success against national models and standards of excellence.

  • To provide an academic agenda of associate degrees, certification programs, and other initiatives to insure student learning and student success; to assist and encourage students to attend four-year institutions upon graduation or to obtain employment commensurate with their knowledge base, educational experiences, and interest.
  • To enhance student success by providing high-quality support services to students through an extensive counseling program, developmental educational for individuals who need assistance, enrichment options for academically advanced students, and student assistance with academic financial obligations.
  • To provide students opportunities that will inspire civic, cultural, and social responsibility.
  • To provide multiple venues of learning opportunities for degree obtainment, continuing education, community enrichment, and lifelong learning.
  • To provide accessible, inclusive, and caring learning environments that connect with the diversity of the communities we serve and their individual needs.
  • To provide a learning environment for programs and courses that foster economic development within the framework of a global marketplace.
  • To integrate processes of institutional research and assessment to continuously improve the institutions efficiency and effectiveness.